Med Associates, Inc. - bringing a wealth of skill and knowledge from over 100 years combined experience in the healthcare industry including account management, provider enrollment coding expertise, financial management and more.
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The advantages of choosing Med Associates.


Why Med Associates?
  • Your Partner in Revenue Cycle Management
  • Our Management team has over 100 years combined Experience
  • Physician Advocates for Over 25 Years
  • Cost Saving Alternatives
  • We Understand the Changing World of the Healthcare Industry
  • We Provide The Attention to Detail Your Practice Demands
  • Let us Help You Remain Independent

Med Associates understands the pressure for smaller practices to join other practices or hospitals. Take control of future actions by being in a position of strength. Donít be forced to react based on fear or because the business side of medicine becomes too onerous and complicated - If you can share information, you can remain independent!

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